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"Truth, Goodness and Beauty are the three things that will save the world. If the first two fail, then beauty will have to save the world."
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

"The work of Roberta Loach is 'sharp-edged,' and 'vituperative.' True, her compositions are infamous for their edgy, confrontational aspect, but the sheer beauty of her paintings prevails. She is a risk taker. Her paintings are subtle and universal, combining historical and contemporary references with humor, extraordinary color sensitivity and technical virtuosity. Though working in acrylics, she achieves the luminosity of oils, and a smooth, esthetically compelling manner of applying paint that rivals the rougher brush of Paul Gauguin."
Sally McQuaid, Editor in Chief of Artist Writer

"It's impossible to look at Loach's images and not feel her passion. The compositions and expressionistic renderings recall the bold emotional force of Kathe Kollwitz and the powerful work of George Grosz."
Dorothy Burkhart, California art critic

"Loach demonstrates the brilliant, incisive touch and courage of her heroes, Francisco Goya, Daumier and Max Beckmann."
—Jeanette Ross, formerly of Artweek

"Loach's work is intriguing... She's a very important figure in the art world of the San Francisco Bay Area because of the way she works."
—Joan Blackmer, independent curator, art consultant, and manager of d.p. Fong Galleries, in a San Francisco Chronicle article

"Loach's astute eye for the absurd and her unfaltering nerve, combined with an increasingly impressive painterly ability bode well for her own artistic endurance."
—Catherine Maclay, formerly of the San Jose Mercury News

"To be perfectly honest, I have a decided prejudice against acrylics: But Loach comes as close as anyone to infusing her acrylic canvases with light, approaching the luminosity of oil paints. Witness the dusky skies, the shimmer of the fading sun on choppy seas in 'The Lonely Odyssey of the Artist' (homage to Frida Kahlo and Francisco Goya)... Directional color echoes and emphasizes Kahlo's movement away from the static scene, driving the narrative without clubbing us over thehead with the obvious. One look at her smooth, drenched colors, and you'll swear Loach's allegories were a gift from the muses."
—Ann Elliott Sherman, The Metro, San Jose, CA

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